We serve North-Eastern Oklahoma and South-Eastern Kansas.

We have been tuning and repairing pianos for 30 years. Teachers, musicians, and
directors have used our services in 5 states. We tune churches, schools, studios -
wherever  there is a need! Antique pianos, old uprights, and square grands are
types that we have worked on, along with the standard grands and vertical pianos.

Churches, like 1st Church of the Nazarene in Bartlesville, have used our services
for their music programs.
We have also had the privilege of working on the pianos of Oklahoma Wesleyan

Piano teachers like, Caron Smith of Ochelata, not only use our services but have
recommended us to her many students! We highly recommended her!! Just listen
to her play and you will be inspired too!
Also, we are happy to make mention of Holly Deibert - a fantastic teacher in
Bartlesville. Her students sing her praises - that says a lot!! She is a graduate from
Oklahoma Wesleyan University. We have known her family for many, many,

Quality work is our passion and it is easy to see we enjoy pianos. Your piano is a
lifetime investment - we strive to keep it a good one! Every note is accurately
tuned to the best string frequency for each piano. Because we take our work
seriously, we use the best up-to-date equipment. Our strength lies in using the
tried and true of the past in addition to the tested advances of the present. By
using our electronic system, we are able to see what the total piano is doing. Any
changes while tuning can be quickly observed and proper measures taken.

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*Note* For three months, we were in Washington State tuning pianos but have
returned to Oklahoma as the wife's parents are not in good health. While we were
gone, Day's father had cancer surgery and is in recovery. We want to thank those
who have used our services. Our hope is to return again in the summers as before.
**Note 2** We did not make it for the 2008 summer as my wife Day is recovering
from surgery. The doctors found a very large tumor in her spinal column that was
pressing against the spinal cord causing her to become almost completely
paralyzed. She is now walking again and driving, but has a ways to go for a
complete healing. Thank you for all those who have been praying for us. We plan
on being in the North West again on down the road. We look forward to that
time of servicing your piano needs!
Hoyt's Piano
Hoyt's Piano
1979 Graduate of Niles Bryant
School of Piano Tuning