About Our Business
We have been tuning and repairing acoustic pianos of all types and ages since 1979.
We believe in quality - both with our work and also with our ethics.   Your piano
is a lifetime investment, we strive to keep it a good one.

George started his piano interest in late 1978, accompanying an 81 year old tuner
with 50 years piano experience
. For a brief period, Mr. Guy Drake of Lewiston,
was his mentor. This was enough to wet his appetite, so George took a
correspondence course through Niles Bryant School of Piano Tuning and Repair
from Sacramento, CA.

Having tuned in California, Idaho, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Washington - George is
familiar with a variety of environments connected with the acoustic piano.  He has
tuned for schools, homes, churches, church camps, piano teachers, and music

George was born and raised in Weippe, Idaho and has spent the majority of his
time in the Northwest. The trombone was his main instrument through band and
church orchestra. Because there was no money available for piano lessons, he used
books to learn music theory and is a self taught piano player.

Day was born and raised most of the time in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. She played the
clarinet in band and plays around some with the guitar. She holds the home front
down and home schools our son.

Noah is our 1
1 year old son who loves music and has a gifted built in rhythm - yes
he loves to play on the drums!

Last but not least - our boxer dog
s Wattson and Pearl. He has very little hearing
but is a very lovable fella who will lick you to death!
She will leave her dogfood
just to be loved on - petting and ear rubs, ect,
About Us